Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Sushi's newest 3D picture has been made a Daily Deviation on Deviant Art. For those not in the know, DevArt is a huge web site for artist to post their work to show off and get critiques from other artists. It is a huge community of amateurs and pros alike. To get picked for this honor the top 3D artist on the site picked from hundreds of thousands of pieces to be a favorite. Sushi's pic was then put on the home page to be seen by over 10,000 people in 24 hours. He got so many responses he couldn't answer them all. And needless to say Sushi couldn't stop grinning the whole day.

Here is the infamous pic: Road Kill Mary

Click it to go see Sushi's Page and support his sick twisted art.

Happy fourth to everyone. Seeing as it just turned the 4th here I guess I can't really celebrate until 6am when it will become the 4th in the USA. I had somebody ask me if there was Fourth of July in Germany once. Well, its fourth of July everywhere..... but yes we will get to have a BBQ and see fireworks on post tonight.


Quote of the Day:

"I, for one, wil not drink anything I cannot drown in"
Stephen Colbert on Wendy's dropping the Biggie name


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