Saturday, July 01, 2006

First: It has been brought to my attention that though my blog is titled "World Traveler" we haven't gone anywhere. Well, DANNY AHERN, we have only been here for a few months so give me a break, huh?

Second: Why does AFN (army tv) feel it necissary to play AMERICAS MOST WANTED to the troops in Germany and other places over seas? What could we possibly do to help catch wanted criminals from Europe?

Third: I retract anything nice I said about Fanta and change all praise to GERMAN Fanta. American Fanta is still happymeal orange pop. *Grooss*

Finally: Being in Germany during the World cup has been quite an experience. Sales of German flags has gone up 300% since the start. While this doesn't seem weird to Americans because of our pride in our country most Germans think of themselves by region first then by country. There is actually a famous sign on the country border that says WELCOME TO BAVARIA in huge letters and germany real small at the bottom. Germans even claim they can tell you exactly what city someone is from just by how they dress. This is a big event for Germans to come together like this.


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