Monday, June 05, 2006

My house is almost done! Yeah! I've been finishing up while distracting myself with sewing. I am half way done with a quilt made from ties. I originaly colected the ties to make a skirt from. I like this way better. I dont see why so many quilters have issues with the curves in certain quilts. It's not that hard and my square are coming out almost right. If I was using cotton that was all the same weight I would have perffest squares.

The lighting dosn't so it justice.


I had a dream about a deconstructed hoodie that I brought to life. Though originaly in my dream it was more of a punk style with red plaid insets. Sushi says the real version looks like it belongs in Joss Weadon's Firefly 'verse. That makes me smile. (I pretend I'm Kaylee when I wear it).


One last pic for the day.

Mutant Strawberry, nuff said.

I didn't think we Nuked the Nazis.... *sigh*


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