Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Asention Day! Its not even on the American calendar but Germans get to take the day off. How dose one celebrate the day Jesus bodily asended to heven after his resurection? Cake?

I recently finished another novel by Tom Robbins. Fierce Invalads Home From Hot Climates. His newest book in paperback (another one just came out in hard cover). If you've never read any of Mr. Robbins' books I highly suggest them. He has the innate abbility to be the most silly and most profound person all in the same sentance. I'm glad though that I never decided to use one of his books for a school book report. Where do you start? Each book is about so many things. i.e. Fierce Invalids is about a CIA agent who gose to South America to let his grandmother's parrot free into the rain forest. Here he meets a shaman with a head shaped like a pyramid who shows him the creators of the universe for the price of the agent's ability to walk on the ground. In response Switters rides around in a wheel chair. After he meets an excomunicated convent of Nuns in the Iraqi desert he up-grades to stilts. Ah, but there is so much more I can't even get into, like his desire for his teenage stepsister to the Mother Superior once being a nude model for the painting Switters grandmother hangs in her house. READ IT! It will make you giggle outloud at the same time as it massages your synaptic connections. Delicious.

Have you ever been so anoyed at an advertisement that you refused to use the product? The Fanta girls drive me nuts. Plus how many fruit flavored sodas do you ever want to drink after you turn 12? Well 'Green-eggs-and-ham' to me. Fanta in Germany is like any other soda. The other day I was shopping for a clear carbonated refreshment. Anything but Coke or Pepsi (cause they are both gross). But there was no Sprite or Sierra Mist and nobody sells 7-up any more. So I tried a Fanta. Its NOT GROSS. It isn't that nasty fake orange crap that you used to get with your happy meal. Its more like real orange juice mixed with Sprite (one of my fave drinks anyway). So if you see one in a 7-11 cooler don't ingnore it. Just put aside the stupid song playing in your head and try it. Please.
Quote of the day:

"If life in America is such a 'Bless`ed' one, why did God put all our oil under people who hate us?"

John Stewart, Daily Show


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