Sunday, April 01, 2007

Because Jon said he misses my posts I will try to make up for lack of a high-speed connection over the holidays. PLEASE READ THE NEXT THREE POSTS AS ONE. (there is a limit to the number of pics I can post in each)

The last you heard from me was in November and I had forgotten to post my Halloween pumpkins. They turned out quite well.

After that was thanksgiving at Warner's. This was lots of fun. The Boys even helped out by peeling eggs (badly) while Gidget and I worked on dinner.

Then we stood around...

until the kids got bored and begged us to play Hide-and-Seek. How could you say 'no' to this?

unfortunately, the game became quite competitive when all the obvious places were taken. The boys had to get creative.

I swear Mike is in this tree somewhere...

Only Jake's skinny ass could fit under the car...